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Sunday, 02.10.2022

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All you need.

Mobile app

On the wall, table or in hand.

Attendance tracking

NFC technology, barcode reader, PIN code, bluetooth.

Notifications of delays

Send email or SMS if somenone is late. Reports can be set up arbitrarily.

Availability 24/7

Attendance works independently and continuously. You always have everything under control.

The attendance cloud functions

Staff attendance

Records and evaluates the comings and leavings.
You can set up work leavings according to your needs.

Work shifts

Set up according to your needs.
It compares work-time, attendance and creates payroll data.

Holidays, overtimes

You can add differently records.
It evaluates the overtimes that can be agreed upon by the boss.


Various regular reports (email, SMS).
It will send SMS or email if someone will come late in to work.

On the wall or in hand

Attendance app
Identification options:

  • personal PIN code
  • by NFC, ID chip card od mobile phone
  • by bluetooth
  • barcode scanner
  • face detection (only selected devices)
  • personal mobile app

Get it on Google Play
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Mobile app functions

Attendance is adapted for any type of work.

On the wall or table

One device can be used by whole company.

Evidence of the location

A photo is sent with the record.

GPS location

External workers include their location.

Data will not be lost

All records are safely sent to cloud.


Attendance mobile app works both offline and online. Internet disconnection is not a problem.

The data is kept securely in the cloud.

App users


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